Electric Bike Market Research Report 2018

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Best 10 Electric Bike Market Research Report 2018 2018 – The Winners.

Chemical Guys GAP61916 Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Color Enhancer (473.2 ml, Black)

Rs. 11,699
Rs. 3,994  in stock
6 new from Rs. 3,994
as of December 16, 2018 7:23 pm


  • The smoothest , sharpest and wettest reflection possible
  • Strong durability , ease of application and anti static property
  • Fully synthetic nano-blended delivers maximum high gloss
  • Leaves crazy slick auto paint finish
  • Easy to apply using hand or machine application

The brain child of 3 years of research done by chemical guys thailand in conjunction with chemical guys usa to developing a durable extremely vibrant hybrid finish that would deliver the maximum level of color vibrancy and optical brightness while withstanding the harsh and humid climates of Thailand and the vigorous testing of our oem and professional users. Black light radiant finish is crafted and formulated especially for car lovers who aim for the smoothest, sharpest and wettest reflection possible with strong durability, ease of application and anti static property. Black light radiant finish has a fully synthetic nano blended formulation with a massive emulsion of gloss enhancers coupled with the new bi-blend technology that leaves one crazy slick finish. The new blending technology allows for vastly homogeneous mixture resulting in an extremely smooth finish once the applied layer is fully and properly cured.

Chemical Guys SPI663 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant (3.79 L)

Rs. 10,202
Rs. 6,529  in stock
4 new from Rs. 6,529
as of December 16, 2018 7:23 pm


  • Sprays on quick, wipes off easy removing dirt and dust while leaving a high quality OEM finish
  • Advanced UV protection to help keep your interior looking new
  • Unique dust repelling technology with a fresh pineapple scent
  • Great for door panels, dashboards, arm rests, steering wheels and interior plastics
  • Can also safely be used on navigation and satellite radio screens

The interior of modern vehicles are comprised of many unique and often sensitive materials which require special care to preserve and protect the appearance. Automobile manufactures around the world choose very specific materials to design a pleasant environment for both driver and passenger. Exposure to dirt, dust, excess body oils and UV rays can quickly fade and deteriorate the amazing appearance of your vehicle's interior. We sent our chemical guys team of research specialists back to the laboratory to develop a creative solution to revolutionize interior detailing forever. Introducing innerclean, the ultimate quick detailer for your auto's interior. Innerclean is specifically engineered to clean and condition your vehicle's interior while coating the surface with our patented solar fighter uv protection, restoring the genuine oem matte finish. Innerclean is engineered with a unique emulsification process which lifts and removes dirt from any interior surface while also repelling dust. Innerclean is the perfect solution for maintaining the original appearance of your vehicle's interior. The unique formula allows innerclean to preserve and protect any material on you vehicle's interior while providing a pleasant pineapple scent. Ultimate versatility- the unique design of innerclean allows every surface of your vehicle's interior to be cleaned and protected faster than ever imagined. The revolutionary quick detailing formula allows innerclean to safely clean and protect any surface in your vehicle's interior. Innerclean has zero limitations while providing endless possibilities. Innerclean removes dirt and dust from plastic and vinyl surfaces while also removing body oils and restoring shine to painted interior trim. Discover ultimate interior detailing versatility with innerclean. Quick and easy- innerclean finally brings quick detailer technology to your vehicle's interior.

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